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Natural Dog Company

Natural Dog Company Snout Soother

Natural Dog Company Snout Soother

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Treat your four-legged friend's snout with love!

Natural Dog Company Snout Soother is an all-natural, vegan balm specifically crafted to protect and nourish your pup's nose. Blending powerful anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial properties, this balm revives dry, cracked, bleeding, or infected noses. Plus, it helps ease Hyperkeratosis, dry skin surrounding the face, lips, and ears, and provides a natural SPF to safeguard your pup's snout from the sun's rays.

Key Ingredients: Kikui Nut Oil, Coconut Oil and Chamomile.

Apply to snout 2-3 times daily as needed.

2 oz tin.

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