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Our Mission

Pacific Pet Treats was founded in Monterey Bay, California, an area with a rich history of local fishing, fresh produce and ocean sustainability. We are committed to providing high quality, limited ingredient treats to our furry friends. All our ingredients are carefully selected using only whole foods that nourish and enhance your dog’s health. Sustainability and functionality are at the heart of everything we do.

All About Pacific Pet Treats

Supporting Our Oceans

Pacific Pet Treats sources fish from local fisheries in the Monterey Bay and surrounding areas, ensuring that only the freshest and best quality ingredients are used. We are passionate about working with the local fishing industry that has an emphasis on sustainable fishing practices to ensure that our oceans and fish populations remain healthy. We follow the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch recommendations to choose environmentally sustainable seafood for our products.

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Supporting Our Community

Our partnership with local fisheries allows us to reduce food waste by creating high quality, nutritious pet products out of the nutrients that may otherwise go unused. In addition, this serves as an additional source of revenue for our hard-working fishermen and small business partners. The Salinas Valley is rich in agricultural produce and our goal is to support neighboring farms by buying local, fresh produce from family farms.  The conservation of our planet and ocean is of the utmost importance to us so we strive to use as much recycled, sustainable or compostable packaging as possible.

About Us

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Meet Lance

Ever since he was young, Lance has had a deep passion for animals, fishing and our oceans. He was introduced to deep sea fishing at an early age, learning how to respect the ocean and its marvelous gifts. After moving to Monterey, CA to attend business school at CSUMB, his passions for ocean sustainability and exceptional food continued to evolve. For over the last decade, Lance has been fully immersed in Monterey's amazing culinary industry as a general manager and chef. As Lance became part of Monterey's fishing community, it became evident that there is too much waste in the food industry. In an effort to reduce this waste, Lance began incorporating unused portions of his catch into his dogs' diets. He began using his creative culinary skills to craft fun treats and chews for his furry family. The results were received with barks of excitement and leaps of joy so Pacific Pet Treats was born!

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Meet Christina

Christina's passion for animals started as a young girl when she was introduced to her first dog. Understanding the unique impact of the human-animal bond she went on to study psychology. Christina is a trauma and mental health therapist who also specializes in animal-assisted therapy. She has offered animal-assisted therapy while working with Kinship Center, an adoption agency, and in her private practice with her therapy dog, Samba. In addition, she works closely with Santa Cruz's non-profit organization, Unchained, to help create animal-assisted programs with at risk youth. Her most recent endeavor includes studying nutrition and how our current food systems impact our overall physical and mental health. Pulling from all these experiences, Christina is enjoying creating nutritious, fun and enticing ways to support the human-animal bond in every animal lover's home.

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A Note From Us

We are extremely dedicated to providing our animals and yours with the freshest and healthiest ingredients available from local sources so you can feel confident that you are giving your dog something truly special. We aim to create nutritious, limited ingredient treats with no fillers or preservatives while also supporting our local farms and ocean. As we continue on our journey with Pacific Pet Treats we hope you and your pets can enjoy everything we are passionate about. Go give your pet a treat and a big hug!

Lance & Christina
Owners & Founders


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